Palin Appears Before Governors

Sarah Palin spokeĀ at the Republican Governors Association in Miami on Thursday.

Sarah Palin for a full four minutes before the Republican Governors Thursday.

Sarah Palin conducted a full four minute press conference at the Republican Governors meeting Thursday.

Palin said, “I’m ready for that next open door!” There was considerable discussion among the governors about how much better she looked after having given back her $150,000 wardrobe.


Palin blames the media

John McCain and Sarah Palin met with GOP stategists for post election analysis. (click popcorn box for a closer view)

McCain and Palin said the media was to blame.

Palin said the media was to blame.

John McCain and Sarah Palin denied that their decisive defeat had anything to do with the campaign’s “packaging” of them. “We’d a done fine if it wasn’t for that darn media filter,” Palin said.