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(Click to see larger versions with mind-boggling detail).


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5 Responses

  1. Funny McCain picture:

  2. Beautiful. Did you see the Mother Jones article on “Why Used Car Dealers Love John McCain?” You nailed it.

  3. I’m not a real maverick, I just play one on TV. Should be required viewing for the voting populace.

  4. Creative but one-sided. Open your mind a little, both sides of the political debate have plenty of flaws to poke fun of.

  5. It’s totally one-sided at this point. Which is a reflection of the choices we’re being offered. Satirists across the country are bemoaning the prospect of an Obama win. If he wins, at some point he’ll surely begin to generate fodder for satire. But at the moment, the McCain-Palin duo so vastly outpaces Obama-Biden in terms of offering a range and depth of material for ridicule, that it is far more fun to lampoon them.

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